Welcome to eNNOVEA life

Our design-driven management has developed strategies and solutions to enhance consumers' adherence to their medication and dietary supplement regimens, while also answering the needs of consumers, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

Tailored intervention tools target the root cause of non-adherence, and provide ingenious tablet cases, pill reminders, and pill grinders designed to help consumers across the continuum of health conditions. New pill cutters and a wide range of new pill cases and pill boxes are under development to provide apothecaries across the country with the best tools available.

eNNOVEA life designs and manufactures better ergonomics, more reliable mechanics & materials, and functional features in a package that is more attractive.

A Design Driven Approach

Consumers who neglect taking their medications and dietary supplements as recommended exact staggering economic and social costs. It is well-documented that failure to take medications on time and in the correct dosage can be as dangerous and costly as many illnesses. It is equally well-known that methods designed to improve adherence yield outcomes that can save both lives and money. eNNOVEA life is fast becoming a world leader for innovative and ingenious products that provide a complete range of solutions for adherence and other consumer health concerns.